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July 9-13, 16-20, 23-27
Registration Open Spring 2018CAMP HOPE IS DIFFERENT.

It’s more than VBS. More than a summer day camp. It’s a place where Bible stories come alive, faith becomes real and mentoring relationships are formed—all through the leadership of passionate teens and young adults.

Camp Hope is led by energetic, faith-filled high school and college students—many of whom grew up attending Camp Hope themselves. Its dual vision is to provide meaningful ministry opportunities for these teens, while planting and nurturing seeds of faith in children entering kindergarten through seventh grade.

Each day centers around a different Bible story, with every activity—games, crafts, drama and even snacks—pointing back to the story of the day. Vibrant worship, small group time, and service projects for older campers round out the day.

Camp Hope: Growing in faith…one generation to the next.


Stephanie has been bringing her son, Bryce, to Camp Hope for the past two years. Now 8 years old, Bryce looks forward to Camp Hope every year.

“He enjoys everything about it,” says Stephanie. “I’ve tried other Vacation Bible Schools, the YMCA, sports camps—Camp Hope is his favorite. A lot of it is the teachers. They have so much energy and keep him entertained all day.”

Stephanie and her family are not members of Kinsmen and they live in Tomball, so it’s a bit of a drive to attend Camp Hope. “But he enjoys it so much – it’s worth the drive to get him there,” she says.

“I love that he learns about the Bible,” Stephanie adds. “Bryce doesn’t usually talk a lot about what he does during the day, but at Camp Hope he can always tell me the verse and what he learned.”

“You can tell the leaders want to be there,” she adds. “They all seem to have such passion for it. It’s just nice to know that Bryce enjoys his day.”

Julie has been attending Camp Hope since she was in preschool. Now a sophomore at Sam Houston State University, she will be serving as Camp Hope’s Assistant Manager—the highest level of leadership.

“As a camper it kind of felt like a blur,” she laughs. “It all worked together and was all so much fun. I liked being in the small groups because the small group leader focuses all of their attention on the kids, and each kid felt like they could do anything. They were being heard by someone, and they had a role model.”

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been really blessed by our youth ministry in having opportunities to grow as a leader, and I’ve had great role models to teach me,” she adds. “I’m not really too shy, but it’s easier when I can talk to kids. The kids have helped me grow as a leader because they’ve given me the safety of knowing that even if I mess up, it’s going to be okay.”

Julie says that serving as a leader at Camp Hope has helped her grow in her own faith as well.

“The more I’ve grown as a leader, the more I’ve been able to ask the deeper questions,” she says. “Asking questions is a big part for me personally. It means I’m understanding more;  I’m not just seeing the surface of these stories. I’m going past that to what God wants me to be as his disciple.”

So just as she attended Camp Hope when she was a child, Julie encourages other kids to check it out this summer.

“It’s a great place to learn about God and make friends,” she says. “I’m really excited about it.”

Alanna Camp Hope

Alanna is in 7th grade and has been attending Camp Hope for three or four years. Her favorite part is the worship, and how everything ties together to tell the Bible story for that day.

“I like to worship,” she says. “We sing songs about God, then they tell us the story of the day and do cute re-enactments or a game. It gets everybody really happy.”

“I’ve learned a lot about God and Jesus,” she adds, “and how to work with other people.”

Asked what she would tell other kids about Camp Hope, Alanna said, “I would tell them it’s a lot of fun.You get really involved. There’s a lot to do and you won’t be bored.”