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Below you will find ways to plugin in and experience family at Kinsmen.
Adult Education

Contact: Pastor Mark England

Small Group Ministry is crucial to the spiritual health and life of our church because it allows us to deepen our understanding of God’s word, strengthen our relationships with one another, deepen our prayer life and conversations with God, and provide an entry point for people who may not “do church.” Adult Small Groups meet at homes and at church at various times during the week. A Small Group is a community of people who spend time together in study, prayer and fellowship.

Contact: Don Rosseisen

This ministry offers an opportunity for the men of Kinsmen to gather for study, fellowship and camaraderie. The group meets in the Conference Room every Wednesday morning at

Contact: Mark Hanson

In his Great Commission, Jesus calls us all to go forth and make disciples of all nations. (Mathew 28:19)

The Discipleship Team works to help the congregation move towards this goal and a discipleship culture. We do this through a variety of ways. Kinsmen has a discipleship strategy where each member of our body is involved in the three strategic areas of Inspiring Worship, Experiencing Family and Sharing Grace. The team helps see how different programs within Kinsmen are helping us move towards this culture. The team helps measure that progress as well as suggesting different programs or activities that can bring more people into the body of Christ. Last fall we explored better using the pew slips for advertising activities at the church and as a means to measure participation in Inspiring Worship. In the Spring we surveyed the congregation on how they felt they were participating in the Strategic Areas and looked for ideas to increase participation. This fall we will launch a series of Special Interest Groups that will be able to reach out to members and non-members through participation in broader, less structured groups than what is offered through our small groups.

Currently we are made up of Pastor Mark, a Council liaison (currently Jackie Hanson) and three members: Dorcas Staff, Gretta Karker and Mark Hanson.

Contact: Mark England

This small group is open to all male members of Kinsmen, their sons, and the community. We meet Mondays, 7—8:30 PM in the Community Room. Each class has a reading schedule and participants are challenged to keep up with the materials as the courses progress. The Bible is used to expand the study materials for a Biblical perspective; this knowledge will enable men to mentor their sons in the use of God’s word.

Contact: Darlene Boggs (Naomi Circle); Michele Mulkey, (Lydia Circle)

The Naomi and Lydia Circles meet the first Tuesday each month, September through May. The Naomi Circle meets at 9:30 AM in the Community Room; and the Lydia Circle meets at 7 PM in the Conference Room. In Lydia Circle, women take turns leading and choose different small group studies throughout the year. It usually takes a year to complete a study, since we only do one lesson a month. In Naomi Circle, the study is from the ELCA publication Gathering. Women take turns leading the study. In both groups, visiting and relationship building occur before and after the Bible study. Collected donations are given to identified charities throughout the year. These groups welcome new faces and would be delighted to have yours join them.

Contact: Stephanie Brady, Colette Edwards

All are welcome and encouraged to attend a Ladies’ Thursday Bible Study. The morning Bible study meets most Thursdays from 10 AM—12 PM. The evening Bible study meets from 7—8:30 PM. Both groups meet in the Community Room. Member participation is encouraged but is not mandatory with emphasis being placed on being one in Christ. We have various studies following a video or live lecture with small group time and prayer. Bible study is a safe place for all women to be able to share and be healed.

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