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2 thoughts on “GOD SHOWS UP

  1. Beth Ogonowski says:

    Pastor Mark,
    This was exactly what I needed to hear. I KNOW this is true. I am married to an alcoholic. Over 30 years ago, during an especially awful time, God spoke to me in a way that I had never before, or since, experienced. He told me that it would be OK, all would be fine with us. An incredible peace came over me.
    I cannot tell you how often I had to claim this promise over the years, since everything I saw and was experiencing told me otherwise. And yes, doubt creeped in, but I kept on living, and waiting.
    Finally, after 49 years of marriage, the peace has come. My husband no longer drinks. He’s been sober almost two years. God does show up. He does keep his promises. Our job is to hold on to that hope, no matter how the outside looks, or how long it takes.
    Keep telling people this. Thank you for your terrific sermons.

    Please do not reply to this via the email address (just in case you would be so inclined), as we both share it and I would prefer that my husband remain unaware of my comments to you, even though they are positive.

    1. Kinsmen Communications says:

      Than you for your comment.

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