Bulletin for February 17/18

Order of Service for 5:30PM, 8:30AM and 11AM

Steve Hale


Prelude/Gathering Music

Be Thou My Vision
Lloyd Larson
Robert Lewis

11 AM
Lord, I Need You
arr. Mark Hayes
Alvin Johnson


Confession and Forgiveness

Gathering Song/Opening Hymn (5:30PM/8:30AM)

ELW 319            O Lord, Throughout These 40 Days

11 AM
Jesus, Messiah



Prayer of the Day

Anthem (8:30AM)

I Want Jesus to Walk with Me
Aaron David Miller
Alleluia Choir

Children’s Message (8:30 &11AM)


Reading: Psalm 25:1-10

To you, O Lord,
  I lift up my soul.
 My God, I put my trust in you; let me not be put to shame,
  nor let my enemies triumph over me.
 Let none who look to you be put to shame;
  rather let those be put to shame who are treacherous.
 Show me your ways, O Lord,
  and teach me your paths. 
 Lead me in your truth and teach me,
  for you are the God of my salvation; in you have I trusted all the day long.
 Remember, O Lord, your compassion and love,
  for they are from everlasting.
 Remember not the sins of my youth and my transgressions;
  remember me according to your steadfast love and for the sake of your goodness, O Lord.
 You are gracious and upright, O Lord;
  therefore you teach sinners in your way. 
 You lead the lowly in justice
  and teach the lowly your way.
 All your paths, O Lord, are steadfast love and faithfulness
  to those who keep your covenant and your testimonies.

Gospel Acclamation

5:30PM/8:30 AM
ELW 325 v.1
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

11 AM
ELW 325
I Want Jesus to Walk With Me v.1

Gospel: Mark 1:9-15


“Walking Away from Temptation”
Jay Shailer

Hymn of the Day/Song of the Day

5:30PM/8:30 AM
ACS 922 v. 1,3,4
When We Are Tested

11 AM
Lead Me to the Cross

Apostles’ Creed (5:30PM & 8:30AM)

ELW p. 105

Prayers of the Church

Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.





8:30 AM
Pilgrim Song
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
Robert Lewis

11 AM
What Wondrous Love is This
American Folk Hymn
Alvin Johnson

Offertory Prayer


The Great Thanksgiving

  • Words of Institution
  • Lord’s Prayer



Communion Music

8:30 AM
Lamb of God ELW 336
ELW 466 In the Singing
ELW 485 I Am the Bread of Life

11:00 AM
O Come to the Altar

Sending of Lay Eucharistic Ministers




Closing Hymn/Sending Song

5:30PM/8:30 AM
ELW 624 Jesus, Still Lead On

11 AM
Blessed Be Your Name




8:30 AM

Voluntary on “Hyfrydol”
Joyce Jones
Robert Lewis