Bulletin for June 1/2

Order of Service for 5:30PM, 8:30AM and 11AM


Prelude/Gathering Music

Steve Hale

Robert Lewis

11 AM
Open the Eyes of My Heart
arr. Mark Hayes
Alvin Johnson


Confession and Forgiveness

Gathering Song/Opening Hymn

ELW 520 v. 1,2,4 Dearest Jesus, at Your Word

11 AM
Only a Holy God


Prayer of the Day

Children’s Message (8:30 & 11AM)

Reading: Ruth 1:1-18

In the days when the judges ruled, there was a famine in the land, and a certain man of Bethlehem in Judah went to live in the country of Moab, he and his wife and two sons. The name of the man was Elimelech and the name of his wife Naomi, and the names of his two sons were Mahlon and Chilion; they were Ephrathites from Bethlehem in Judah. They went into the country of Moab and remained there. But Elimelech, the husband of Naomi, died, and she was left with her two sons. These took Moabite wives; the name of the one was Orpah and the name of the other Ruth. When they had lived there about ten years, both Mahlon and Chilion also died, so that the woman was left without her two sons and her husband.
Then she started to return with her daughters-in-law from the country of Moab, for she had heard in the country of Moab that the LORD had considered his people and given them food. So she set out from the place where she had been living, she and her two daughters-in- law, and they went on their way to go back to the land of Judah. But Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go back each of you to your mother’s house. May the LORD deal kindly with you, as you have dealt with the dead and with me. The LORD grant that you may find security, each of you in the house of your husband.” Then she kissed them, and they wept aloud. They said to her, “No, we will return with you to your people.” But Naomi said, “Turn back, my daughters, why will you go with me? Do I still have sons in my womb that they may become your husbands? Turn back, my daughters, go your way, for I am too old to have a husband. Even if I thought there was hope for me, even if I should have a husband tonight and bear sons, would you then wait until they were grown? Would you then refrain from marrying? No, my daughters, it has been far more bitter for me than for you, because the hand of the LORD has turned against me.” Then they wept aloud again. Orpah kissed her mother-in-law, but Ruth clung to her.
So she said, “See, your sister-in-law has gone back to her people and to her gods; return after your sister-in-law.” But Ruth said,
 “Do not press me to leave you
 or to turn back from following you!
 Where you go, I will go;
 where you lodge, I will lodge,
 your people shall be my people,
 and your God my God.
 Where you die, I will die —
 there will I be buried.
 May the LORD do thus and so to me,
 and more as well,
 if even death parts me from you!”
When Naomi saw that she was determined to go with her, she said no more to her.

Every Move I Make 

Gospel: Mark 2:23-3:6

Jay Shailer

Hymn of the Day/Song of the Day

5:30PM/8:30 AM
ELW 419 v.1,5,Last For All the Faithful Women

11 AM
Build My Life

Apostles’ Creed ELW p. 105


Reception of New Members (5:30PM)



Prayers of the Church

ELW 752 Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying
Merciful God, receive our prayers.



8:30 AM
June (Barcarolle)
Robert Lewis, piano

11 AM
Step by Step
Rich Mullins
Alvin Johnson

Offertory Prayer

The Great Thanksgiving

  • Dialogue (8:30AM)
  • Preface (8:30AM)
  • Holy, Holy, Holy (8:30AM) ELW 473 English, then Spanish
  • Words of Institution
  • Lord’s Prayer


Communion Music

8:30 AM
ELW 336 Lamb of God
ELW 817 You Have Come Down to the Lakeshore
ELW 614 There is a Balm in Gilead

11:00 AM
The Blessing

Sending of Lay Eucharistic Ministers


Closing Hymn/Sending Song

5:30PM/8:30 AM
ELW 729 v. 1,3,5  The Church of Christ, in Every Age

11 AM
I Will Follow



8:30 AM
The Church of Christ, in Every Age
Emily Maxson Porter
Robert Lewis