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Sharing Grace Ministries





Below you will find ways to serve in the context of sharing the grace God has bestowed on us with others.

Contact: Don Rosseisen

Have an interest in serving a very important service that's behind the scenes? If so, the Teller Ministry is for you. There are currently four teams consisting of four members each. Each group works for two weeks and then is off for six weeks. Barring a conflict with holidays, volunteer work is done on Monday mornings, and typically takes one-and-a-half hours. Training is provided. As mentioned, this is a very important service. With a budget of over one million dollars, timeliness and accuracy are critical. This is a group that develops very close friendships.

Contact: Gary Simpson

The mission of this group is to work to raise faith in Christ within the Kinsmen community, and in so doing, raise the level of time, talent and treasure contributed by the congregation. Stewardship Committee generally meets once a month to discuss how they can advance their mission. Fellowship is an important component of each meeting and it often leads to activities that help build faith. Each year, Stewardship coordinates with staff to promote an annual campaign to meet the financial needs of the church. We also Share Grace by coordinating all Noisy Offerings, generally taken the second Sunday of the month.

Stevie Berryman, Sherrie McMahon

Kinsmen would not be able to present our Abendmusik concert series, without the continued support of our many generous friends. We hope you’ll consider offering your support as we continue to strive towards experiencing excellence in the performing arts.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

All are welcome to share Thanksgiving with their family, friends, and community at Kinsmen’s Annual Community Thanksgiving Feast. The meal is free, but the fellowship is priceless. We need many volunteers to support this ministry...cooks, bakers, hosts, servers, and more.

Contact: Melissa Turnquist

We enjoy shade from trees we did not plant and water from wells we did not dig. Deuteronomy 6:11.
The Endowment Committee’s mission is to invite Kinsmen members to live this scripture by turning our passion for others into a tool that blesses many well into the future. The Endowment Committee generally meets once a month to discuss educational opportunities for the Kinsmen community pertaining to financial stability, end-of-life planning, and how to get involved with the Kinsmen Endowment Fund. Annually, the Endowment Committee meets to identify Kinsmen ministries to benefit from the Endowment Fund’s earned income.

Contact: Melissa Turnquist

The Kinsmen Lutheran Church Endowment Fund was established in 1997 to provide caring individuals with an opportunity to leave enduring financial gifts. The Endowment Fund enhances the financial stability of Kinsmen Lutheran Church and provides security for the future.

Endowment Fund contributions earn income that is used to fund ministries in accordance with the fund’s distribution policies and in keeping with donor intent. These ministries and programs are connected to the values, vision, and purpose of Kinsmen Lutheran Church. The remainder is invested to preserve the principal and prudently grow the Endowment’s value. As the Endowment Fund principal grows through gifts, the greater the support for the work of the Church.


Contact: Lynnae Schatz

Volunteers create shawls for those who are suffering from illness or grief to provide a sense of comfort knowing Kinsmen cares about them while they are experiencing their difficult times. Volunteers also create baptismal blankets for infants and small shawls for children or adults who are baptized as a physical presence of the warmth of fellowship in the community of faith.

Contact: Sara Ray

The nursery is a safe and joyful place for the youngest children at Kinsmen. Infants through age five are welcomed to enjoy the nursery which is staffed by caregivers. Screening, training, and orientation is provided for the caregivers.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

Tuesdays - the re-arranged bouquets from the weekend altar flowers are delivered on Tuesday. Deliveries are made to hospitals, rehab centers, homes, local schools and local businesses. An average of 6 – 7 bouquets are delivered every week and sometimes as many as 15 are delivered. A GPS system is helpful but not required.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

This ministry helps our families “celebrate the life” of their loved one at a reception following a funeral. Receptions provide a place of hospitality for families and friends to gather for fellowship; to share, reminisce and remember the life of their loved one and their happy times together.

Contact Mary Collins, Grace Mielke

The prayer team meets on Mondays at 5:30 PM in the Conference Room to pray for the needs of Kinsmen. All prayer requests from the worship services are prayed over. In addition, the prayer team lifts up the internet prayer requests and all other prayer requests received during the week that are not designated for pastors only. The prayer requests are confidential. All members of Kinsmen are invited to join this group.
If you would like personal prayer please come to prayer time or submit your prayer request in the offering plate or online and someone from the Prayer Team will be glad to meet with you at a convenient time.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

The Community of Hope is a spiritual formation training program shaped by prayer and Benedictine spirituality. It serves to equip laypersons to become pastoral caregivers (Lay Chaplains) in their homes, their workplaces and in various ministries within the church and community. The keystone of the Community of Hope is Benedictine spirituality, a devotion to the care of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. Such spirituality inspires individuals to seek balance and harmony in prayer, worship, silence, holy reading, work and service.

Upon completion of the 14 week training (42 hours), participants are commissioned and become a part of our congregation’s Circle of Care which provides on-going opportunities for spiritual growth, as well as become a member of the Community of Hope International. Lay Chaplains choose to serve in various settings where their spiritual gifts are best suited for giving comfort and care to those in need. One such setting is serving as Lay Eucharistic Ministers, taking Holy Communion to the sick and/or homebound.

All who are interested deepening their own faith and prayer life are invited to inquire about the initial training.


Contact: Vicki Awbrey

Around 1981, Marian Bussman began the Kinsmen Library with 4 to 5 books on a shelf in the original conference room, and our collection was moved to its present location when the CLC opened. Over the years, through the work of many volunteers, the library has grown to over 1,000 titles today. We have been so fortunate to have had our congregation donate a wide variety of books as well as audio visuals and Bibles.

Contact: Julie Hughes

This ministry, which began in 2004, is used on a daily basis during the school year to transport before and after school students to and from five local schools, on Sunday mornings to bring Retirement Community residents to worship and for other events of Kinsmen. Transportation currently has three buses, with a total capacity of 84 passengers. CDL drivers are needed.

Contact: Julie Hughes

Office volunteers are an integral part of the church office. They answer the telephone, assist with attendance tracking, data entry, mailings, light computer work and special projects. If you are good at detail, are organized and like administrative, clerical work, you'll enjoy being an office volunteer at Kinsmen. Volunteers can serve as much as once a week or as little as a day and help fill in for staff vacations. If interested in becoming an office volunteer, call the church office.

Contact: Michelle Ivey

Council is an elected body made up of nine council members and pastors. Council tends to the mission of the congregation and works to move the church in a forward direction. Part of Church Council ministry is to be a visionary body for the congregation in our community. Council members are elected in November and take office in January.

Contact: Mark Schiller, Lynnae Schatz

Kinsmen has Wednesday Night Suppers available during the school year. A great menu is served each week, with a chef preparing the meals. Assistance is needed with the set up, serving, and salad and dessert preparation.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

Kinsmen offers a delicious hot breakfast every Sunday from 9-11 AM. The menu includes eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, an assortment of fruit, juice, coffee, and donuts. The ministry has volunteer teams of three or four people who serve once every six to eight weeks.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

Interested in capturing moments of Sunday school, milestones, congregational events, or working on the pictorial directory? Then become a Photography Volunteer. This important ministry shows the life of the
church —one picture at a time.

Contact Kathy Hanson, Pastor Beth Warpmaeker

Kinsmen has a rich history that needs to be preserved to tell our story. To do this, many documents, pictures, and videos need to be cataloged and organized. In addition, stories need to be researched and written and appropriate long-term storage solutions need to be developed. This is a new team with an expert archivist to lead, guide, and direct.

Evangelism & Outreach

Contact: April Ruen

We are a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together. The Global Mission Ministry Team works to inspire others to an active participation in global ministry. We want to make a positive difference by building relationships with and supporting our brothers and sisters in our companion synods in Central African Republic and Peru and our companion congregation, Talitha Cum, in Cusco, Peru. The Fair Trade chocolate bars provided to our worship guests is only a beginning of global ministry awareness at Kinsmen. In May of 2014, Kinsmen was blessed by the presence and message of President Andre Golike from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic. In July 2014, three members of Kinsmen traveled to Peru that included a trip to Talitha Cum. Sizohambe Naye, (See-zoh-HAHM-bah NAH-yeh) is a traditional South African song that says it best. The translation is “We walk the Lord’s road.” We will and we do walk the Lord’s road together with our global brothers and sisters in Christ.

Contact: Lynnae Schatz

Fellowship and more! This team assists with the pictorial directory, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Fall Festival, family caroling, crawfish boil, Kinsmen Summer University, and more. The Congregational Life Team is looking for volunteers to help make these Kinsmen events successful.

Contact: April Ruen

In late November or early December, Kinsmen hosts a Fair Trade Fair to sell handcraft items to support artisans and farmers from around the world. In line with Martin Luther’s teaching that “we should fear and love God that we may … help [our neighbor] to improve and protect his property and business,” it is a way of doing business that acknowledges the worth and basic human rights of all people. When you buy Fair Trade items, more of the money you spend reaches the hands of the people who crafted them. Assistance is needed with set up, take down and hosting the Fair Trade Fair.

Contact: Stevie Berryman, Sherrie McMahon

Following the Abendmusik programs a reception is held. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, serving and clean up.

Contact: Sara Ray

Kinsmen’s Mother’s Day Out/Preschool Program has approximately 75 children enrolled. There are approximately 45 children enrolled in the Before and After School program. These children and families need support in tutoring, helping with classroom parties and reading in the classroom. There is no preparation necessary, so contact Sara if you would like to help some awesome kids in the afternoons!

Contact: Doug and Nadine Wittenberg

One of Kinsmen's small groups, with the help of the congregation, supports The Life Center through monthly donations for groceries and by actually going grocery shopping with residents and staff at their local Fiesta Store. Each year in December, members of Kinsmen have an opportunity to pledge $20/month for the upcoming year, to be used for groceries to feed the homeless living at The Life Center. With these funds, Kinsmen is currently able to provide $700/month for groceries and enjoy the fellowship with the Life Center staff and residents during the monthly shopping trips!

The Life Center is a Christian shelter for the homeless located at 4516 Old Yale St. Houston, TX 77018. They "serve, educate and represent the homeless" and have been for 24 years. The Life Center hopes to impart sufficient work and basic living skills, along with a positive and focused mental attitude to Homeless individuals so they can take their proper place as productive and stable members of today's society through the operation of a short-stay residential facility, and the combination of an educational program, an in-house work program and group counseling sessions based on the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve-step modality.