The staff and congregation of Kinsmen Lutheran Church embrace Children’s Ministry in everything we do. Within our community, we have created a culture where the spiritual growth of children is lovingly cultivated. We firmly believe that children are a vital and integral component of our congregation, and we actively engage them in every facet of our life together. From leading inspiring worship services to nurturing their faith through educational initiatives, experiencing the warmth of a church family during events and programs, and embodying the spirit of grace by generously contributing their time, talent, and treasures, our children are cherished participants in the life of our congregation.


Nurturing our littlest blessings

In the heart of Kinsmen, we joyfully welcome each new addition to our family with open arms through our Cradle Ministry. As a symbol of this cherished moment, fragrant flowers grace the baptismal font during our worship services, and the child’s name is lovingly shared with the congregation. But our commitment doesn’t end there. Parents of these precious arrivals receive a monthly care package filled with age-appropriate resources for nurturing their child’s faith journey. We extend a warm invitation to all ages to partake in the Sacrament of Baptism, starting from infancy. If you’re curious and want to learn more about this beautiful rite, please explore our Baptism page for additional details.



At your child’s baptism, parents and sponsors make a solemn commitment to “nurture this child in the Christian faith and life,” and the Kinsmen community wholeheartedly stands by your side, sharing in this promise. Kinsmen is dedicated to helping you uphold this commitment, and one of the ways we accomplish this is through our Milestone Ministry.

Throughout your child’s life, each year unfolds with new and significant milestones – from taking those first steps into Sunday School and starting formal education to milestones like First Day of Sunday School, First Communion, start of each new school year, and more. Our church’s Milestone Ministry is designed to align with these vital markers, emphasizing the enduring presence of God in our lives. The celebration doesn’t end with childhood; it continues into middle school, high school, and beyond, marking pivotal life changes such as obtaining a driver’s license, high school graduation, marriage, becoming empty nesters, and retirement.

In Children’s Ministry, we engage in a time of learning, involving parents and children together, tailored to the age of the milestone. The celebration takes place during our worship services, providing a platform for our Kinsmen family to join in celebrating these crucial moments. Together, we celebrate these moments, weaving the tapestry of faith and life.



Sunday School begins when your child is 3-years-old as of September 1 and continues through 5th grade. During the school year, we meet from 9:45-10:45 AM.

Kinsmen has many wonderful opportunities for children that go beyond just attending Sunday school. Children’s Ministry holds yearly activities where children can build relationships with children and caring adults, grow in their faith, and have fun! Some of our planned events include: Blessing of the Backpacks, Advent Retreat at Lutherhill, Child-led Christmas Worship, Child-focused & Adult-friendly Christmas Eve Worship, Easter Eggstravaganza, Spring Retreat at Lutherhill, Camp Hope at Kinsmen, week-long summer camp at Lutherhill, and yearly Milestones.


Before and after school care; Full-time summer care


Pack 440 has been sponsored, or chartered by Kinsmen Lutheran Church, located at 12100 Champion Forest Drive, Houston, Texas 77066 since 1974. Our Unit has been doing good turns for over 47 years! Kinsmen Lutheran Church is the Chartered Organization for both Pack 440 and Troop 440. The BSA does not directly run or own any of its member units. Generally most of the boys and girls in Pack 440 are from Kaiser Elementary, Greenwood Forest Elementary, McDougle or Klenk Elementary; however, we have scouts in the Pack from other local schools and churches as well. Pack 440 recruits from these schools every year.

For Boy Scouts, boys are free to choose which troop they would like to join, though most boys in Troop 440 have come from Pack 440. Parents and volunteers play a vital role in Pack 440. Everyone involved in the Pack are volunteers (no one is paid to do this!) so it is imperative to have adults involved in order to continue the Pack’s legacy for others to become involved in.